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Zandora Legends: Player's Guide (Free)

Version 1.0 of the Player's Guide includes new sub-races for dwarf, elf and halflings along with 7 human ethnic groups unique to this setting. Try out new builds for the fighter, monk, ranger and wizard classes. Then delve deep in to the lore with common information to 41 different cultures, calendar and holiday's.


The dwarves of Morias spent more then a century digging out their dominion. Now you can explore their kingdom. Delve deep into the mines of Morias and discover its ancient mysteries.

Zandora Legends: Campaign Setting

Welcome to Aushuan, a land forged in war, filled with ruins of fallen kingdoms, godly artifacts and ancient wonders. From the towers of magic in Zandora to the orc hills of Creaghmoor, heroes destined for greatness rise as its champions. In the shadows vile creatures and evil villains lurk seeking to disrupt peace, order and creation of existence. The Zandora Legends Campaign Setting presents a fantasy world for the 5th Edition rules that immerse its players into orc and human territories.